Skate Shoes

Turn the pupil of everyone's eye towards you by extreme trick inspired sport, skateboarding. Fit a skate shoe and fly like a jet. Shoes specifically designed with a strong Ollie pad and a thick sole for support is termed as "Skate shoe". Ollie pad helps the shoe to last longer and the thick tongue safeguards you against injuries. Skate shoes are made to match your activity and skating levels.

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Different Styles and kinds of Skate Shoes

  • The midsole of certain shoes are completely made up of polyurethane, which help in absorbing the moisture of your shoes.
  • The upper side of some shoes are made using the synthetic nubuck or split leather. The breathable panels are provided throughout the shoe.
  • Shoe's lace loops are hidden for a grand look and better protection.
  • These shoes give good traction due to the grippy gum rubber outsole. A certain amount of flexibility is got from the forefoot grooves.
  • The grippy herringbone tread pattern is present in these shoes for excellent traction.
  • Some shoes are there with no leather materials used for construction and it will have a great look if you wear them with khakis or jeans.The skate shoes are available in various colors like black, charcoal, “chocolate” dark and light brown mix, white. These shoes are very good in yielding comfort & it is one of the puffy huge, good skate shoes.

Some manufacturers offer skateboarding shoes with features like upper side made of smooth leather with padded tongue and collar, perforated medical quarter panel for functional ventilation. These shoes are very good in comfort, flexibility and grip. This is due to full length EVA mid-sole and grippy, flexible gum rubber traction outsole.

These shoes are well stitched in order to improve the life of the shoes. The whole part of the shoe is double time stitched while the upper side alone is triple time stitched.

Features of Skate Shoes

Thin Soles

Thin grippy soles are provided in your skateboard shoes to make your foot feel easy and comfortable.

Lace Protectors

Skating wears during skate games are used for a longtime. Repeated usage of your shoes reduces the life and your lace can be crippled. Presence of lace protectors will keep your shoelace safe.The shoe will stay well fastened to your foot.

Elastic Tongue Straps

The elastic tongue straps are provided in your shoe for flexible comfort . Therefore, it will help to keep the tongue in place.Your foot stays well centered and protected in the shoe.

Heel Airbag

A lot of pressure is put on heel while kid's play on hard natured surfaces. Therefore, heel protection is necessary. This type of shoe with heel air bag present below your heel is quite helpful in maintaining the supple and soft skin of kids.


The skateboarding shoes are very light in nature and make you feel natural.

Skate Shoes with Wheels

  • Renowned manufacturers make skate shoes with wheels like Heelys.
  • One variety has an extra wide wheel, that is present under the shoe. It helps to perform lot of trick and fun.
  • Another kind of stylish roller shoes have a 2-wheel skate configuration.
  • Some of the shoe possess crush roller wheels. It is a solid flat wheel present at the backside of shoes for a good cruising speed.
  • The extra padding is incorporated in the heel and sole for a comfortable voyage.

Team' is one of the models of skateboard shoes that are generally made in order to provide support and durability that a skateboarder needs. These types of shoes must possess a strong ollie pad, because the ollie pad helps the shoe to last long and it contains a thick sole. The ollie is nothing but an aerial skateboarding trick and which is the base for most tricks. The trick got its name since ‘ollie’ the pad enables it.

Guide To Buy Skate Shoes & Care Tips

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