Guide To Buy Skate Shoes & Care Tips

Buy Skate Shoes & Skate Clothing!

Do not order for the latest model available in the market if you intend to buy a skate shoe. Note the points given below while buying skate shoes:

1. Protection

It is one of the very essential and important aspects of a shoe. If you protect your shoes properly at regular intervals, your shoe’s life will remain increased. A good Ollie protection for the shoe would mean a much longer life for the shoe. You also make sure not to buy shoes with high top converse pieces for street-skating.

2. Lace

The laces play a vital role in the shoe because they can fall apart quite easily.

3. Comfort

It is one of the important and highly rated factors to buy skate shoes. If you feel uneasy and discomfort when you are wearing these shoes, exchange it immediately, because you will not be able to walk for a long time. During skating, you have to wear a shoe for a long time and in the case of uncomfortable shoes, your feet will get sore.

4. Grip

The grip of the sole is also playing a major role in the shoes because during skating or running, the grip tape might wear down fast. The presence of strong grip sole will enable the shoe to withstand rough time and thus stands for durability.

Besides the above, few other points to be noted are,

  • Accidents are avoided since the skate shoes have thick soles.
  • Replacement of the shoe is needed after some time. Then, the skate shoes need to have a strong Ollie pad in order to make the shoe last longer.
  • Bicycle BMX riders prefer these skate shoes in order to have grip on the pedals and also for want of thick soles that can act as brakes

Care Tips

You should take care in the drying process of the shoe, because the dryness of the shoe is much more important in the maintenance of the shoe. The key information to be noted when drying is that you should not dry near a heat source or with a heat source. When choosing the right shoes, arches, size and shape of the shoes are to be considered.

  • Cleanliness should be taken into account while gluing soles, which is made of rubber since glues stick easily on the rubber soles.
  • During repair, take care that the stitching in the footwear goes through the same holes. Also, make sure that the proper cobbler performs the repair.
  • Half sole should not be used; instead, full soles can be used. If you use half sole, it becomes easily separable.
  • The support for the shoes should be right one and the angulations provided in the shoes are necessary to be checked. Therefore, make sure that your shoes have perfect angulations.